Thursday, July 12, 2012

AMitF #1

Old Barn Door

In the past few weeks I've been slacking on getting things going with my artwork. Hell, I think its the life of an artist.. Procrastination.. I mean, we are always looking to make that piece even better, that color needs just the right amount of red, that photo the right amount of contrast. its never really done, we just get content with it over time because we've been looking at the same damn image or swatch or group of photos/paintings/musical compositions.. for so damn long that we're finally tired of it and hand it off to you to have a look at. We know that a lot of people like the picture at first glance, and we also know that only other artists really take a moment to enjoy the intimate time we put into making a piece that we're barely half proud of. 
But in the end we actually do produce some striking pieces, and we should be proud of them. I have found that my most memorable pieces come from moments of instant inspiration, and rarely come from hours of over-analyzation and re-configuring the minds eye view of the product we're trying to create.. THOUGH its not impossible. 
Anyway.. Here I am, spur of the moment setting up this blog to give you a look at my artwork and to bring out my thoughts on how everything works in my tiny little world. If any of it helps you, i'm glad, if not... well then i guess a GFY is in order.. 

Here look at this picture of an old barn door.. 


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