Sunday, July 22, 2012

AMitF # 8 or Nine.. This is what i do...

Dis or Dat

So what is it that a graphics designer does? Well we take images, make images, change images, and use our amazing powers from knowledge and creativity to produce the best possible visual representation of what we are working with.. Here is an example.. A before and after picture of my family. (before i was born, too) Is my grandma not the cutest old lady?! (she's the one one in the designer glasses!) anyway.. This photo on the left is the natural state of the photo.. See the color degradation? Now I know its hipster to have you photos look retro old these days by way of Instagram and what not.. (which I can do as well if you want).. But old photographs are very delicate artifacts. Preserving a photograph with a high resolution quality is a lot more complicated than one would imagine. 

This is just an example, and I only had a low resolution image that i yoinked from facebook. The more resolution i have to work with... that's to say, if i had the opportunity to scan this image in myself, i could have gotten a more accurate working copy.. and the final image would have come out with a better picture quality. But the concept is the same. Color correction and photo retouching is not that hard if you understand what you're doing.. and I've taken some time to price out the competition ( My competition ).. and i've found out that if you know what you're doing this process doesn't take that much time, and that most larger companies are charging an outrageous price to have this process done. I hope i'm humble enough to give you all a fair deal and offer you this service at a really fair price. 

YES, it does take time, but charging folks 50$-80$ per photo is a bit ridiculous, so i'm just letting you know that my services are $8-$15 per photo (based on the amount of damage i have to correct, and if you order in bulk it'll be cheaper) plus the cost of shipping and handling.


ugh.. - or (919)926-9739

I'll make sure it is easy to find before the day is over.. y'all have a great Sunday!


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