Saturday, July 21, 2012

AMitF #Pornography or art?!

Bettie Page

Here's an oldie... i made this when i first got my wacom drawing tablet. The pin-up has always intrigued me and Bettie Page is the quintessential  pin-up model so i figured i'd try. This is one of my personal favorites to date. The female form is beauty personified IMHO. 

”Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” - Albert Einstein 
For a scientist and theorist, Einstein was one of the most insightful people this world has ever encountered. He had become one of my true inspirations for greatness and his mentality should be held up to the light with that of Gandhi and Nietzsche and Buddha as far as enlightenment. The surprising thing about inspiration is that it can be found anywhere, at any time. These people who achieved greatness  are a testament to how inspiration can effect those around us and the best part about this is that some of your closest friends and even random interactions can bring on inspiration just with a few words. NEVER under-estimate the people you know.. it would be a shame to let their inspiration pass you by without touching your life. 

Ok my random rantings are getting a bit hard to follow here.. let me ground this article a bit. Finding inspiration is not hard, it only takes one tiny thing to draw it out of us. Its amazing to me to see the multitude of things that inspire me. But i am blessed, i have so many great people in my life that bring this idea back around to a tangible concept.

Don't overlook the inspiration that's already there. Find it in the mundane, its there, believe me.. and inspiration comes in many forms effecting all parts of our psyche.. look closely and you'll find it everywhere.

Y'all come back now.


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