Wednesday, July 18, 2012

AMitF #4

Look over there!!! =======================>

Well I've gone and done it now.. i'm starting to merchandise myself.. whats next? i want a personalized light saber so i suggest you all help and buy some items.. i'll be updating the store with a lot more items over the next few weeks, right now i'm loaded up with a few designs... i think i may have to specialize so i can get a wider range of people.. Either that or figure out how to categorize and organize these much better.

Anyway, there are tee-shirts, ipad and iphone cases, tote bags, messenger bags, ties, shoes will be here soon, or so they tell me.. i can do custom sized prints of any of my artwork for you all as well if anyone wants to purchase something..

or you can help by donating..  how do i add a paypal donation button on this blog??


Stay tuned.. i've got a lot more things in the works.. tutorial video's will be starting soon.. want to learn photoshop from a complete idiot? then you've come to the right place.. i'll show you how an idiot does it proper..



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