Friday, July 20, 2012

AMitF #WTF aka Laser Beams and Batman


Ok, first of all i'd like to send out a bit of sympathy to the victims of the shooting in Colorado and to their families. Batman has a new nemesis.. and he's a d*%$#bag. Aurora, CO... my heart goes out to the families effected by the stupidity of madmen. 

Secondly.. Watch that video. Its amazing, combining the power of technology, dance, music, and art.. Not all of you may like dubstep, but i'm sure most of you can appreciate the combination of all these elements and how exciting this kind of tech-meets-culture is.

Oh and since you're here, Synesthesia Design is about to launch a promotion.. I'll give more details on it as I get closer to the launch, but it should be a beneficial package for any business. I wont give away too much now.. but sign up to recieve email alerts and i'll make sure you're notified...

ok now to figure out how to put a subscribe to my blog button somewhere... "EDITH!! Where's my subscribe button?!!" 

Til next time.


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