Thursday, July 19, 2012

AMitF - Stardate 3272.31

This may be a Sin

Oh dear, what have i done? Yes that's right.. I've gone and made our beloved Mona Lisa into a tragedy.. (don't worry its not the real Mona Lisa). I have a friend who was telling me that someone she knows was redecorating her kitchen or house for a day of the dead theme. So i got my inspiration.. and perhaps it was a little bit sinful to murdalate a great masterpiece like this. BUT IT FELT GOOD! 

I actually wanted to challenge myself to see if i could actually do something like this, and I think i did a fair job. Hooray for photoshop! So lets see if i can get any feedback on it when i set it to sale as a poster on zazzle.. i might get some pretty nasty hate-mail.. hehehe.. gotta love some hate-mail.

Tell me what you all think, i'd love to hear some feedback.. I've had this blog going for about a week now and still have yet to get a response.. then again, i'm not the best at promoting myself, so if any of you like what you see here.. Like my blog, or share it.. Tweet about it.. and remember, look both ways before crossing the street. That means you might have to put the cellphone down for a second and actually look.

Til Next Time


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