Sunday, June 30, 2013

Food is Art

Food is Art.. its a technique with flair, its an expression of creativity.. its something that not only should speak to you visually but using all of your senses. The sound of the sizzle as your cooking, the smell of garlic, basil, turmeric, or rosemary (insert your own favorite ingredients here) The way its presented.. I work in a restaurant and from what i've encountered people are just as impressed with the presentation of the meal as they are with the flavor and the aroma. The lavish colors of the Mediterranean Cuisine lend a sense of awe to the whole dining experience. I personally love a hybrid meal.. something that encorporates full flavor combinations that are mismatched from around the globe. Give me a burger with carrots cabbage and cucumbers smothered in a Thai peanut sauce on a sweet Hawaiian roll and a side of edamame beans in a light soy sauce and i'll be in a flavor basket headed for heaven. Each meal that is created.. each and every one that is put together by someone who loves their craft of culinary artistry.. is a new masterpiece. Enjoy some food people..!

Here is something I decided to add my artistry to... Corvina (seabass) with artichoke pesto served over wild rice and garnished with a zuccini and sweet onion mix. I added pine nuts to the garnish and let the corvina speak for itself... This was a great meal.

Til next time... I'm going out for some Charcoal grilled yumminess this afternoon. :)

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